Wow. Can I just say wow. This styled shoot came together at what seemed like a magnificent last minute. I coordinated with my florist and friend Hazel Ave Floral and Emma and Grace Bridal shop down in Denver. Kev and Katie were the cutest couple to model for us. We were in the rolling hills between Golden and Boulder, filled with the greenest of grass, the Flatirons, cattle, and windmills. If you’re from Colorado you’ll know that the first part of summer is filled with a daily thunderstorm at about 3 o’clock. I was so worried about the dress and the models until we were in the midst of a blusterous squall. The wind whipped so hard all we could do was laugh and Katie and Kev held onto each other. Her dress whipped in the wind and it looked magical. They wrote out 10 things they loved about each other and stepped far away to say them privately as we watched from afar. I can be quite a sentimental sap and teared up as I saw different emotions come across each other’s faces as they read words of love aloud.  What I love about shoots like these, is that it’s a chance to really test out my creative expression. It’s a way of me capturing love uniquely and challenging how I view love in general.