Maybe you’ve listened to the lie that everything is canceled. It kind of feels like it doesn’t it? It’s a very daunting and unpredictable time, for sure. Many couples have had to cancel and postpone their dream weddings. That is TOUGH and unfair. One thing remains true, love is not canceled. And you’re not left out to dry. If you’re one of these couples and now looking at a 2021 wedding wishing you could still have a slice of your dream day, YOU CAN. Here are a few ways to get married during a global pandemic:




  1. Elope. All you need is you two and a photographer. In the state of Colorado (where I live) you can self solemnize. Meaning, you don’t need an officiant or witness for your marriage, just you two. We can safely go to many secluded spots with scenic views that are far away from crowds and the general public.
  2. The best venue to get married at is the one wherever you two are. Seriously. It can even be in your own backyard.
  3. Plan a date in the near future to throw a reception to celebrate. If you’re still nervous about meeting up with people then opt to do it virtually. You can still have a dance party, do toasts, and chat with others as you would at an in-person reception.
  4. Put on your dress or tux, do your hair and makeup, smash cake into each other’s faces, dance your first dance in the house or on your porch and order out for a delicious dinner.
  5. Decorate your car with “just married” trinkets and drive around the neighborhood.
  6. Livestream exchanging your vows so that loved ones can still be a part of the big day
  7. You don’t have to make it official. If you can’t get a marriage license, due to closures or long application times. So what? You can still exchange your vows and commit yourselves to one another.
  8. Many national and state parks are closed and permits aren’t being issued for shooting weddings, but local city parks and private land, such as Airbnb’s are still available (of course, this is on a city by city basis). 
  9. Not comfortable enough to get married even with a photographer? Zoom your wedding. Virtual vows are still vows. Invite all your family and friends to join in on a Zoom called and virtually elope. Your wedding photographer can take photos of the computer screen. Unconventional? Sure. Unforgettable? Definitely.
  10. Wish you could have someone elderly attend your wedding? Invite grandma or grandpa to come and get married on your front lawn while everyone stays in their cars. One couple even got married at a drive-in so all their loved ones could participate while staying safe
  11. Have a non-refundable deposit on a caterer? Save some of the food for you two and donate the rest to essential workers!
  12. Connect with local vendors. Reach out to photographers, cake decorators, caterers, and florists. There are ways to safely pick up all of these things to help make your wedding day feel somewhat normal despite it all.
  13. Let go of what you imagined and take hold of the now. This might not be your Plan A or even your Plan C. BUT, what matters most is being with the one you love and starting your lives together. The rest will fall into place later. And once this is all over? We’ll all be throwing the biggest celebrations ever.




One of my couples, Alex and Paige, were supposed to be in Costa Rica on a beach exchanging their vows. Instead, they found themselves at home in Minnesota. Surrounded by their closest family members, they got ready in their house, drove to a secluded location, married each other outside under the bright sun, and then headed home for their “reception”. There were still tears shed and first kisses. There were flowers thrown and a cake that was cut. There were speeches and first looks. Everything still happened to make it an unforgettable day Let me assure you, it’s still possible to get married and do it smart and safe during this global pandemic.




COVID-19 sure knows how to be a buzz kill. But prove her wrong. You have the power to still create a blissful wedding day despite the circumstances. So whether you elope in person or virtually, you are taking control of your happiness! And of course, I’m here to help you navigate during this time. 🙂