When visiting my best friend during her backpacking trip through Thailand, we made time to snap some destination elopement-inspired boho barefoot beach wedding photos. Yes, ALL OF THOSE THINGS. And oh yeah, this is a total vibe! Scroll through to get some inspiration for your dream beach wedding. Salty beach hair, barefoot in the sand, and the bottom of your beautiful wedding dress touching the ocean water. It’s truly grounding, and in my opinion, no better place to get married.

 Okay, now I am fully wrapped up in my imagination. So, let me paint a picture of what a Thailand beach elopement could look like for you…(because honestly what’s better than daydreaming about beaches?!)

Wake up and get ready for your day: grab swimsuit, wedding dress, and hiking gear. Hop on a boat taxi to a sparsely populated island beach such as Railey or Tonsai and wander around the island. Hike with your almost hubs or wifey, jump in the ocean (maybe even skinny dip!). Grab lunch from a local stand and some fresh fruit, find a covered area to change as we get ready for the sunset, make a final touch to your getup with a flower in your hair, and find a perfect place on the beach to say your vows. Get married as the waves crash on the shore, and the sun kisses the horizon, feel the wind come from the ocean, and kiss to seal the deal of forever. Celebrate by jumping into the ocean (again) or find a place for a celebratory fruit shake (we can always spike ours hehe), and make your way back to Phuket or Ao Nang to peruse around the night markets to eat quite possibly the best damn Pad Thai your tastebuds will ever experience. Book yourself a wildly cheap but extravagant beach bungalow and settle into forever.


Ahhhh…anybody ready to elope now? Honestly-I feel like I will want to renew my vows EVERY year so I can experience getting married on every beach, mountain top, and panoramic view this gorgeous planet has to offer (ya girl is out of control). Are you with me?