Hi I'm Alisha!

“ I see light. I see it all around me.”

Light shines on the world and paints it gold, white, orange, yellow, brown, pink. A million colors. I cannot escape it, I'm drawn to it. More than anything I love capturing light; the physical part of it and when I see it shining through others. I feel like my camera is like a mason jar I'm capturing fireflies in. I want to hold in the light and show it to others.

More specifically I like capturing the light I see between two people. There's something incredible when I become a silent observer to a love so raw and authentic where walls are down and vulnerability is present. I get lost behind my lens and soon I am forgotten. Witnessing this change while photographing a couple is enthralling for me. Love is a big deal, and we should never downplay its importance but highlight it and put it on a pedestal.
With me you can find that authenticity that is so crucial. Whatever the case may be I want to capture the radiance in a person. I want all the flawed and messy parts of a relationship. I want the real. Because in a world full of highlight reels and perfectly manicured feeds, I want vulnerability. I want all of you!

In my everyday life you can find me thrifting, trying a new flavor for my Booch brewing operation, painting, blasting worship music or tropical house, or brainstorming the next boundary-pushing creative idea. I'm a writer and idea machine at my day job as an advertising creative. I am a klutz, a weirdo, and an avid traveler. My mom is a flight attendant, so I was bit by the traveling bug before I was out of the womb. I cry at literally EVERYTHING and am proud of my big heart. I feel most at home and free when I’m hiking in the mountains miles away from the craziness of life, where there is no cell service. Oh and most importantly watching the Office with my two favorites, my Meebs (It's our own name for each other, we've all got one!) and my pup, Opie. Jesus is my man, Pauly is my love, Opie is my fur baby.

Loco Leesh


Let's head across the world or into my backyard and make memories.