Flowers will wither, you'll forget what you had catered, and the bridesmaid dresses may go out of style. But your love, will be documented forever in the photos I take.
You'll hold onto those for the rest of your life.

What To Pay For Your Day

Whatever kind of day you’re looking for to start your marriage, I’m here to get you there.

Let’s figure this out together. 

What To Get



STARTS AT $1,200

Intimate Weddings


Adventure Session



What can we expect during a photoshoot with you?

Expect to get dirty, wet, and have grass in your hair! We can be on a hiking trail, under a waterfall, in a field, or in the ocean. Expect to kiss your loved one more than you have in probably awhile. Expect music and even some drinks (if you're down for it) ;) But most importantly, expect to feel comfortable in your own skin!

Do you do traditional weddings?

It is very rare that I take on traditional weddings. My niche is in small outdoor weddings and elopements. My creativity and passion aligns with those the most. I feel a deep soul connection to the wilderness and want to capture love out there. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions about this!

Why elopements?

Elopements are very personal. As a girl I pictured a grand wedding with hundreds of people in my hometown church. Now I feel closest to God on top of a mountain and I only really want a few people at my wedding. Elopements give couples a chance to be themselves without the frills and overwhelming planning.

What if I still want a traditional wedding but would like some photos that are adventurous?

No problem! A lot of people still want big traditional weddings. It's about you! But if you still want some epic photos, I offer "day after" shoots. These shoots typically consist of just you and your NEW spouse in a gorgeous location. "Day after" shoots can either happen the day after the wedding or it can be scheduled at some other point. And of course, you can always renew your vows or do an anniversary session in your wedding dress and attire too!

What if I/my S.O. is nervous in front of the camera?

No worries! Most of the couples I work with are actually nervous in front of the camera. This is why its important for me to become friends with both of you! The closer you and I are, the better you will feel in front of the camera. And remember, I won't make you do anything you aren't comfortable with!